UltraBay 4D / UltraBay 4 Power or Communication Problems

Written By:
Dave Kelsey
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If your UltraBay 4D or UltraBay 4 isn't powering up correctly, has a blinking power LED, disconnecting drives during imaging, or unable to be detected by the system or Tableau Firmware Update (https://www.opentext.com/products/tableau-download-center#tfu), its power or data connectors could need to be re-seated. Check that the two flat black SATA power connectors and the USB3 cable connector are secure. Sometimes shipping or relocating systems can compromise these connections. Open up the left panel of FRED and carefully re-seat them. Below are the ports to check.

The potential points that could be responsible for poor UltraBay power in a FRED system are shown below:

1. Connection at Power Supply.
2 & 3. Imaging Shelf.
4. Connection to the UltraBay.

Be sure to re-seat connections 1 - 3 if re-seating at the UltraBay alone doesn't help. Another thing to try is to remove the Imaging Shelf connector (2 & 3) from the middle and plug the power supply cable directly into the SATA power splitter.