Job Posting: Digital Intelligence - Forensic Examiner Position

Digital Intelligence seeks a Forensic Examiner who will join a team of professionals in performing digital forensics investigations and electronic discovery for clients. Position is located in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. 


Duties Include: 


Scope and perform numerous client cases which require work in digital forensics and electronic discovery; perform sophisticated forensic analysis; investigate incidents to understand the background, identify strengths, weaknesses, potentially relevant information; perform host-based and network-based investigations and analysis across network device platforms; write detailed Action and Findings Reports in clear and concise manner, communicating highly technical and legal concepts and information to a non-technical audience; form and articulate expert opinions based upon analysis; provide expert testimony in depositions, trials, and other proceedings; participate in performance reviews and mentorship of digital forensic examiners; conduct peer review of Action Reports, Findings Reports, Affidavits, and Expert Reports; ensure that forensic investigations are staffed adequately, efficiently and meeting deadlines 


Minimum Qualifications:  

Master’s Degree (or U.S. equivalent) in Digital Forensics, Cybersecurity, or related field, with coursework in computer forensics demonstrating a focus on digital forensics.  


Candidates will be subject to a criminal background check, and may be rejected if criminal convictions are substantially related to the position applied for, in accordance with applicable law. 


For more information, reply by résumé to Matthew J. Stippich, President - Services, Digital Intelligence, 1841 N. Prospect Avenue, Milwaukee, WI 53202; Phone: 414-420-2120; E-mail: