News for 2023


Have you ever wished you could switch on the original suspect machine in a field or lab setting?  With MD5's VFC7, you can. 

VFC7 Lab lets the investigator quickly experience the computer environment just like the original user.  With the power to create and mount a VM in literally seconds, VFC7 supports access to software and data faster than a typical "dead box" investigation.  VFC7 Portable provides all the features of Lab, plus the ability to configure a USB flash drive for field triage, imaging, and analysis.  It even lets you take your preferred 3rd party tools to the investigation site.

For LE/Gov or Corporate pricing, please visit the VFC7 page in the Digital Intelligence webstore. 


Looking for a GPU-based solution to help reduce password recovery times? Consider Comino’s Grando Forensic DPR 4090-FT systems.  Comino builds its liquid-cooled systems to maintain peak rates during sustained brute-force attacks using leading commercial decryption programs.

Comino appliances are purpose built with six or four RTX4090 GPUs.   All critical components of the system - the CPU, GPUs, and GPU-related components - are liquid cooled using Comino's proprietary waterblock technology for continuous operation and longevity.  Each system includes a Windows based AMD Threadripper server, 256GB RAM, and one 2TB NVMe storage disk with integrated cooling in a 4U sized form factor, suitable for rack-mount installation or desktop operation. To receive a quote or request additional information, please contact Digital Intelligence for more information.


Technology, it seems, never sleeps.  To that end, we've recently transitioned our FRED, FREDC Data Center, FRED Workgroup Server, and FRED-L forensic products to new, upgraded system specifications. 

FRED workstations are now available with the choice of AMD or Intel (i9 or single Xeon) processors.  New configurations bring greater processing power, increased RAM, faster clocking, and one additional NVMe internal drive to our core forensic workstation group.

The FRED-L forensic laptop update focuses on processing power, faster clocking, a third internal drive, plus a larger UHD 17.3 inch display.

Our FREDC Data Center solution receives upgrades to the SERVER-RM (new core dense Intel Xeon technology) and FRED-RM (more cores/threads, faster clock speed, and more internal NVMe drives).  The SERVER-RM upgrades are also applicable to the FREDC Workgroup Server solution.

As always, our goals are to improve our products by providing proven, high-performance technology at a value price - coupled with the best technical support in the business.

Please visit our product overview and tech spec web pages for a deeper dive into the new FRED configurations.  If you have any questions, we are easy to reach simply by sending a ticket.


The Tableau TD4 Forensic Imager delivers all the features of the end-of-life TD2u -- plus many more.  Physically the TD4 is a smaller version of the Tableau TX1.  Functionally, this product delivers strong forensic imaging performance plus a host of features that typically are only available in higher priced products.  Check out the Forensic Imager Selector to see a side-by-side feature comparison.

If you are looking for a core forensic imager that delivers strong performance at a reasonable price, check out the Tableau TD4.  The TD4 retails for $ 2,599 and can be purchased standalone or as a Digital Intelligence UltraKit.  To order your TD4 or request additional information, please submit an information ticket or send an email to


If your forensic software application favors a greater number of CPU cores, consider a FRED built with AMD Threadripper technology. FRED AMD is our newest system configuration option. 

The new FRED AMD delivers advanced processing power in a single CPU forensic system.  And that's not all.  In addition to Threadripper power, the base FRED AMD includes more features important to our forensic customers:

  • 4 storage drives (500 GB NVMe, 2 x 1 TB NVMe, 4 TB SATA 7200 rpm)
  • Up to 5 additional storage locations (hard drives optional)
  • 128 GB DDR4-3200 RAM standard, configurable up to 512 GB
  • Several different GPU options
  • Standard 10 GbE network connection
  • UltraBay 4d with touch-screen user interface
  • Flexible USB 3.1 HotSwap Drive Bay Ecosystem

The FRED AMD  may be configured with or without RAID drives.

For more information about the FRED AMD, visit our Forensic Workstation Tech Specs page.  Or head to our web store to configure your FRED AMD machine.