Available Now: PCIe Adapter for FireWire Imaging

The new Tableau TDA7-9 PCIe adapter replaces the UltraBlock FireWire forensic bridge, which has gone end-of-life.  TDA7-9 connects to to the UltraBlock PCIe forensic bridge via a 4" or 8" PCIe cable.  TDA7-9 can be used with the Digital Intelligence UltraBay 4/4d or any Tableau imaging product with the appropriate PCIe connector.

The TDA7 is sold separately (US$ 135) or bundled with the TDA7-6-6 and TDA7-9-9 cables (TKDA7-9, $150).  This product replaces the UltraBlock PCIe as the FireWire option in Digital Intelligence UltraKits.  It is available now in the Digital Intelligence webstore.