Perform 25+ Simultaneous Imaging Sessions with Atola TaskForce 2

Between its server-class hardware, 26 source/target configurable ports (including 16 SATA and 4 NVMe M.2/U.2), and multiuser access from an unlimited number of devices on the same network, Atola TaskForce 2 was developed to serve the needs of modern forensic labs by maximizing forensic imaging power while cutting back on overall acquisition time.

Imaging multiple devices simultaneously increases overall connection complexity.  Built as an exclusive option to TaskForce 2, Atola Device Rack provides organization for up to eight evidence drives while operating the forensic imager. Device Racks positioned on top of and beneath TaskForce 2 offers added drive management and storage for acquisitions involving nine or more HDDs.

TaskForce 2 is designed primarily for in-lab usage and can be mounted into a standard server rack, along with one or two Device Racks.

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